Source code for volatility3.plugins.timeliner

# This file is Copyright 2019 Volatility Foundation and licensed under the Volatility Software License 1.0
# which is available at

import abc
import datetime
import enum
import io
import json
import logging
import traceback
from typing import Generator, Iterable, List, Optional, Tuple, Type

from volatility3 import framework
from volatility3.framework import automagic, exceptions, interfaces, plugins, renderers
from volatility3.framework.configuration import requirements

vollog = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class TimeLinerType(enum.IntEnum): CREATED = 1 MODIFIED = 2 ACCESSED = 3 CHANGED = 4
[docs]class TimeLinerInterface(metaclass=abc.ABCMeta): """Interface defining methods that timeliner will use to generate a body file."""
[docs] @abc.abstractmethod def generate_timeline( self, ) -> Generator[Tuple[str, TimeLinerType, datetime.datetime], None, None]: """Method generates Tuples of (description, timestamp_type, timestamp) These need not be generated in any particular order, sorting will be done later """
[docs]class Timeliner(interfaces.plugins.PluginInterface): """Runs all relevant plugins that provide time related information and orders the results by time.""" _required_framework_version = (2, 0, 0) def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) self.timeline = {} self.usable_plugins = None self.automagics: Optional[List[interfaces.automagic.AutomagicInterface]] = None
[docs] @classmethod def get_usable_plugins(cls, selected_list: List[str] = None) -> List[Type]: # Initialize for the run plugin_list = list(framework.class_subclasses(TimeLinerInterface)) # Get the filter from the configuration def passthrough(name: str, selected: List[str]) -> bool: return True filter_func = passthrough if selected_list: def filter_plugins(name: str, selected: List[str]) -> bool: return any([s in name for s in selected]) filter_func = filter_plugins else: selected_list = [] return [ plugin_class for plugin_class in plugin_list if filter_func(plugin_class.__name__, selected_list) ]
[docs] @classmethod def get_requirements(cls) -> List[interfaces.configuration.RequirementInterface]: return [ requirements.BooleanRequirement( name="record-config", description="Whether to record the state of all the plugins once complete", optional=True, default=False, ), requirements.ListRequirement( name="plugin-filter", description="Only run plugins featuring this substring", element_type=str, optional=True, default=[], ), requirements.BooleanRequirement( name="create-bodyfile", description="Whether to create a body file whilst producing results", optional=True, default=False, ), ]
def _sort_function(self, item): data = item[1] def sortable(timestamp): max_date = datetime.datetime(day=1, month=12, year=datetime.MAXYEAR) if isinstance(timestamp, interfaces.renderers.BaseAbsentValue): return max_date return timestamp return [sortable(timestamp) for timestamp in data[2:]] def _generator( self, runnable_plugins: List[TimeLinerInterface] ) -> Optional[Iterable[Tuple[int, Tuple]]]: """Takes a timeline, sorts it and output the data from each relevant row from each plugin.""" # Generate the results for each plugin data = [] # Open the bodyfile now, so we can start outputting to it immediately if self.config.get("create-bodyfile", True): file_data ="volatility.body") fp = io.TextIOWrapper(file_data, write_through=True) else: file_data = None fp = None for plugin in runnable_plugins: plugin_name = plugin.__class__.__name__ self._progress_callback( (runnable_plugins.index(plugin) * 100) // len(runnable_plugins), f"Running plugin {plugin_name}...", ) try: vollog.log(logging.INFO, f"Running {plugin_name}") for item, timestamp_type, timestamp in plugin.generate_timeline(): times = self.timeline.get((plugin_name, item), {}) if times.get(timestamp_type, None) is not None: vollog.debug( "Multiple timestamps for the same plugin/file combination found: {} {}".format( plugin_name, item ) ) times[timestamp_type] = timestamp self.timeline[(plugin_name, item)] = times data.append( ( 0, [ plugin_name, item, times.get( TimeLinerType.CREATED, renderers.NotApplicableValue(), ), times.get( TimeLinerType.MODIFIED, renderers.NotApplicableValue(), ), times.get( TimeLinerType.ACCESSED, renderers.NotApplicableValue(), ), times.get( TimeLinerType.CHANGED, renderers.NotApplicableValue(), ), ], ) ) # Write each entry because the body file doesn't need to be sorted if fp: times = self.timeline[(plugin_name, item)] # Body format is: MD5|name|inode|mode_as_string|UID|GID|size|atime|mtime|ctime|crtime if self._any_time_present(times): fp.write( "|{} - {}|0|0|0|0|0|{}|{}|{}|{}\n".format( plugin_name, self._sanitize_body_format(item), self._text_format( times.get(TimeLinerType.ACCESSED, "0") ), self._text_format( times.get(TimeLinerType.MODIFIED, "0") ), self._text_format( times.get(TimeLinerType.CHANGED, "0") ), self._text_format( times.get(TimeLinerType.CREATED, "0") ), ) ) except Exception: vollog.log( logging.INFO, f"Exception occurred running plugin: {plugin_name}" ) vollog.log(logging.DEBUG, traceback.format_exc()) for data_item in sorted(data, key=self._sort_function): yield data_item # Write out a body file if necessary if self.config.get("create-bodyfile", True): if fp: fp.close() file_data.close() def _sanitize_body_format(self, value): return value.replace("|", "_") def _any_time_present(self, times): for time in TimeLinerType: if not isinstance( times.get(time, renderers.NotApplicableValue), interfaces.renderers.BaseAbsentValue, ): return True return False def _text_format(self, value): """Formats a value as text, in case it is an AbsentValue""" if isinstance(value, interfaces.renderers.BaseAbsentValue): return "0" if isinstance(value, datetime.datetime): return int(value.timestamp()) return value
[docs] def run(self): """Isolate each plugin and run it.""" # Use all the plugins if there's no filter self.usable_plugins = self.usable_plugins or self.get_usable_plugins() self.automagics = self.automagics or automagic.available(self._context) plugins_to_run = [] requirement_configs = {} filter_list = self.config["plugin-filter"] # Identify plugins that we can run which output datetimes for plugin_class in self.usable_plugins: try: automagics = automagic.choose_automagic(self.automagics, plugin_class) for requirement in plugin_class.get_requirements(): if in requirement_configs: config_req, config_value = requirement_configs[] if requirement == config_req: self.context.config[ interfaces.configuration.path_join( self.config_path, plugin_class.__name__ ) ] = config_value plugin = plugins.construct_plugin( self.context, automagics, plugin_class, self.config_path, self._progress_callback,, ) for requirement in plugin.get_requirements(): if not in requirement_configs: config_value = plugin.config.get(, None) if config_value: requirement_configs[] = ( requirement, config_value, ) if isinstance(plugin, TimeLinerInterface): if not len(filter_list) or any( [ filter in plugin.__module__ + "." + plugin.__class__.__name__ for filter in filter_list ] ): plugins_to_run.append(plugin) except exceptions.UnsatisfiedException as excp: # Remove the failed plugin from the list and continue vollog.debug( f"Unable to satisfy {plugin_class.__name__}: {excp.unsatisfied}" ) continue if self.config.get("record-config", False): total_config = {} for plugin in plugins_to_run: old_dict = dict(plugin.build_configuration()) for entry in old_dict: total_config[ interfaces.configuration.path_join( plugin.__class__.__name__, entry ) ] = old_dict[entry] with"config.json") as file_data: with io.TextIOWrapper(file_data, write_through=True) as fp: json.dump(total_config, fp, sort_keys=True, indent=2) return renderers.TreeGrid( columns=[ ("Plugin", str), ("Description", str), ("Created Date", datetime.datetime), ("Modified Date", datetime.datetime), ("Accessed Date", datetime.datetime), ("Changed Date", datetime.datetime), ], generator=self._generator(plugins_to_run), )
[docs] def build_configuration(self): """Builds the configuration to save for the plugin such that it can be reconstructed.""" vollog.warning("Unable to record configuration data for the timeliner plugin") return []