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# This file is Copyright 2019 Volatility Foundation and licensed under the Volatility Software License 1.0
# which is available at

import datetime
from typing import Iterable

from volatility3.framework import renderers, exceptions, interfaces
from volatility3.framework.configuration import requirements
from volatility3.framework.renderers import format_hints
from volatility3.plugins import timeliner
from import poolscanner

[docs]class SymlinkScan(interfaces.plugins.PluginInterface, timeliner.TimeLinerInterface): """Scans for links present in a particular windows memory image.""" _required_framework_version = (2, 0, 0)
[docs] @classmethod def get_requirements(cls): return [ requirements.ModuleRequirement( name="kernel", description="Windows kernel", architectures=["Intel32", "Intel64"], ), ]
def _generator(self): kernel = self.context.modules[self.config["kernel"]] for link in self.scan_symlinks( self.context, kernel.layer_name, kernel.symbol_table_name ): try: from_name = link.get_link_name() except (ValueError, exceptions.InvalidAddressException): continue try: to_name = link.LinkTarget.String except exceptions.InvalidAddressException: continue yield ( 0, ( format_hints.Hex(link.vol.offset), link.get_create_time(), from_name, to_name, ), )
[docs] def generate_timeline(self): for row in self._generator(): _depth, row_data = row description = f"Symlink: {row_data[2]} -> {row_data[3]}" yield (description, timeliner.TimeLinerType.CREATED, row_data[1])
[docs] def run(self): return renderers.TreeGrid( [ ("Offset", format_hints.Hex), ("CreateTime", datetime.datetime), ("From Name", str), ("To Name", str), ], self._generator(), )