volatility package

Volatility 3 - An open-source memory forensics framework

class WarningFindSpec[source]

Bases: importlib.abc.MetaPathFinder

Checks import attempts and throws a warning if the name shouldn’t be used.

find_module(fullname, path)

Return a loader for the module.

If no module is found, return None. The fullname is a str and the path is a list of strings or None.

This method is deprecated since Python 3.4 in favor of finder.find_spec(). If find_spec() exists then backwards-compatible functionality is provided for this method.

static find_spec(fullname, path, target=None)[source]

Mock find_spec method that just checks the name, this must go first.


An optional method for clearing the finder’s cache, if any. This method is used by importlib.invalidate_caches().

class classproperty(func)[source]

Bases: object

Class property decorator.

Note this will change the return type