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# This file is Copyright 2022 Volatility Foundation and licensed under the Volatility Software License 1.0
# which is available at

from volatility3.framework import objects

[docs]class PARTITION_TABLE(objects.StructType):
[docs] def get_disk_signature(self) -> str: """Get Disk Signature (GUID).""" return "{0:02x}-{1:02x}-{2:02x}-{3:02x}".format( self.DiskSignature[0], self.DiskSignature[1], self.DiskSignature[2], self.DiskSignature[3], )
[docs]class PARTITION_ENTRY(objects.StructType):
[docs] def get_bootable_flag(self) -> int: """Get Bootable Flag.""" return self.BootableFlag
[docs] def is_bootable(self) -> bool: """Check Bootable Partition.""" return False if not (self.get_bootable_flag() == 0x80) else True
[docs] def get_partition_type(self) -> str: """Get Partition Type.""" return ( self.PartitionType.lookup() if self.PartitionType.is_valid_choice else "Not Defined PartitionType" )
[docs] def get_starting_chs(self) -> int: """Get Starting CHS (Cylinder Header Sector) Address.""" return self.StartingCHS[0]
[docs] def get_ending_chs(self) -> int: """Get Ending CHS (Cylinder Header Sector) Address.""" return self.EndingCHS[0]
[docs] def get_starting_sector(self) -> int: """Get Starting Sector.""" return self.StartingCHS[1] % 64
[docs] def get_ending_sector(self) -> int: """Get Ending Sector.""" return self.EndingCHS[1] % 64
[docs] def get_starting_cylinder(self) -> int: """Get Starting Cylinder.""" return ( self.StartingCHS[1] - self.get_starting_sector() ) * 4 + self.StartingCHS[2]
[docs] def get_ending_cylinder(self) -> int: """Get Ending Cylinder.""" return (self.EndingCHS[1] - self.get_ending_sector()) * 4 + self.EndingCHS[2]
[docs] def get_starting_lba(self) -> int: """Get Starting LBA (Logical Block Addressing).""" return self.StartingLBA
[docs] def get_size_in_sectors(self) -> int: """Get Size in Sectors.""" return self.SizeInSectors